Broome Manor Pétanque

The Game

  • We play on a terrain with marked pistes, but you can play pétanque on any semi-hard surface, not on grass. A dusty square in France is ideal - see the history of the game!
  • Two teams play each other, each having two or three players. In doubles, each player has three boules; in triples, only two. Singles play is unusual.
  • Players throw while standing in a circle – either simply scratched in the dirt, or in a red plastic circle. Your feet must not leave the ground or go outside the circle.
  • Someone from Team A throws the jack (le cochonnet or 'cosh') 6m - 10m away. From the same team, a player throws the first boule, always underarm, but using any technique they like.
  • Now someone from Team B throws. Team B keep throwing until they land a boule closer to the jack than Team A, or run out of boules.
  • Then it's Team A's turn again.
  • Points are scored when everyone is out of boules – one point for each boule closer to the jack than the best-placed boule of your opponents. First team to 13 wins.

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