Broome Manor Pétanque

Local Rules - Please note there are additional rules for Covid

Broome Manor Pétanque observes the rules of the game adopted by the Pétanque England. However, as we have a limited 6-piste area at Broome Manor Golf Club, with a maximum piste length of 11 metres and a width of 2.2 metres, some Local Rules have evolved:

1. To ensure that we have the recognised play area of a minimum of 6 metres and a maximum of 10

metres in length, the throwing circle/ring has to remain within the first metre of the end of the piste.

2. The blue cables dividing the pistes are thick and create a guiding effect on the boule, so it is ruled that a boule is ‘out’ if it touches the rope, just as it is if it touches the wooden surround.

3. Players should arrive by 9.45 am to allow play to start promptly at 10.00 am.

4. Once play has started, late arrivals can only be introduced if:

    a) there is a group of 5 in play who agree to become a 6, or …

    b) if an empty piste is available, two people can join a 6, which then splits into two 4s.

NB International Rule introduced in 2017:

The thrower has only one attempt to throw the jack. If the thrower fails to throw the jack to a ‘valid’

position, the opposing team may place the jack in any ‘valid’ position they choose. 

A ‘valid’ position is:

    beyond the six metre line and,

    more than one metre from the end of the piste and,

    more than half a metre from the side wires or boards.

Revised - 22nd April 2018

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