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Chinon 2016

Les finds the bar - and hits the bottle

Patrice invites Pat to kiss the Fanny

Laurent and Nicholas accept theBMP Cup at Savigny

Cherie enjoying attention - and a trophy at Savigny

Abbey at Fontevraud

Chinon from the Castle

Chateau of Azay le Rideau

In the Wine Bar

The Cup-winners of Chinon

Ladies enjoying a good meal at Chinon

Les is still hitting the bottle

At the Chinon Terrain

On Sunday, June 26th 15 BMP boulistes and 1 supporter converged on the town of Chinon, in the Loire Valley (though actually on the Vienne) - two from St Malo, two from the Pyrenees and the rest from Nantes Airport.

On Monday afternoon we met at the Chinon terrain, where Patrice organised a triples mêlée, with mixed English and French teams. We began to see what we were up against.

We went out to Savigny on Wednesday evening for a competition against the local village club (merci, Laurent). We played doubles and triples against the French, then a final session of mixed nationality triples, with a barbeque in between. Dick Hardy and Ralph Jones managed to win one game.

On Thursday evening we played a match at Chinon, with the same results – Pat Bevan and Vince Osgood winning our solitary success. We also learned that one of our opponents had been champion of Paris for three years, and runner-up in the French Nationals – we dubbed him ‘The Ringer’ (there’s no equivalent French expression!).

We were royally entertained to a sit-down barbeque meal at which much local rosé wine was drunk and national anthems exchanged.

In between, we visited châteaux, abbeys and restaurants (and the odd riverside wine bar and market) for some good sightseeing and food. The weather was mainly dry but overcast and cool. We even managed to come back with an array of cups – how we won them, we’re not quite sure!

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